On the off chance that you wish to challenge your benefits with another accreditation, HQE offers a decent evaluation of both vitality and ecological components and wellbeing and prosperity highlights. This being stated, confirmations are consistently developing to stay applicable. All affirmations will probably be planning to develop their inclusion of wellbeing and prosperity factors as the subject turns out to be even more a standard thought in land manageability. As I would like to think, sooner or later it will become as similarly essential to ‘supportability’ as vitality as of now may be. Furthermore, there is a developing acknowledgment that these perspectives are intensely interlinked. Dealing with one viewpoint will profit the other, which will assist with accomplishing more noteworthy manageability by and large.


All things considered, HQE gives a helpful, far reaching and direct assessment of an advantage in regards to the executives and execution, with equivalent consideration paid to reasonable development and, the board, solace and wellbeing and prosperity, which would make sure about a thorough and strong evaluation of your benefits. Independent of whether the confirmation is being gotten for distinguishing improvement openings, benchmarking between resources, advertising or GRESB, the end yield ought to be an accreditation which lives up to your requirements and desires. In the event that those desires incorporate a decent adjusting of vitality execution and wellbeing and prosperity, at that point the HQE confirmation might be more fit to your requirements than the more broadly known accreditations of BREEAM and LEED.