Diagnosis is the first step in improving the energy efficiency of your business.


For businesses that are required by specific legal obligations and for those that just want to improve their own energy efficiency, MGEMAA Energy provides energy diagnosis services of the highest quality.


Increasing energy efficiency means consuming less energy and saving money as a result.
A carefully executed energy audit (or diagnosis) uncovers the critical issues at the plat and makes it possible to establish a plan of attack for improving your company’s energy system.


At MGEMAA Energy, our energy-diagnosis service is thorough and suited to every need our customers may have. It includes

o Analysis of energy consumption;
o Analysis of utility contracts and costs;
o Identification of critical issues and assessment of potential actions;
o Business plan and feasibility study of the investment to be made;
o Possibility of financing the project by way of an Energy Performance Contract (EPC);
o Possibility to execute the project ourselves;
o Possibility to recommend new energy-provision services;